Are You Ready?

 Our instructors are active police officers and police trainers in Colorado.  Our staff are police academy instructors and police agency instructors.  Our staff has real life experience in tactical operations on a daily basis.  We bring real life training to our students.  We make sure our students grasp the tactical training given to them so they can apply the training to survive deadly force encounters.  


Our team doing what we do best...  Preparing our students to survive!


AR-15 Carbine Rifle Course


Active Shooter Ready Course


Church Security Team Training
                                                    Business Office Hours

Our office hours are different per week.  Best method of communication with us, is per E-mail.  We will promise to return all E-mails in the order they were received.  Our office number is 303-895-7130.  Please keep in mind our instructors are active police officers and we work different schedules.  It might take us a couple of days to return phone calls- PG STAFF 



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