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Lead Instructor & Owner Paul Grossman

Lead Instructor & Owner Paul Grossman

Lead Instructor & Owner Paul Grossman

Paul Grossman has over 15 years of law enforcement experience in Colorado. I worked in Corrections, Marshals Office, & Police Departments serving different roles during my career. After serving almost 10 years with the Marshal’s I decided to return back as a police officer working in the patrol division. I currently work for an agency 25 minutes north of Denver, Colorado. During my tenure at my agency, I have been exposed to several hundred high risk dangerous situations. I have been an instructor at a local police academy since 2014. As a police instructor at the police academy, I have trained hundreds of police recruits who have successfully graduated the police academy and went on to successfully become police officers across Colorado. I have trained police officers and civilians in active shooter training courses. I have ran training courses for churches across Colorado to prepare themselves to confront and end an active threat within their communities and to protect themselves from violent attacks. I have a strong passion in preparing students with real life training that will prepare them mentally and physically to end an active violent threat against themselves or their loved ones.  I have a straight forward approach in training students and telling them the truth on what works and what doesn't work.  I have an easy approach with all my students to make their learning environment comfortable and none intimidating.  My goal is to train my students at any level from beginner to advanced levels.  I want to ensure my students grasp my training to their fullest abilities and utilize my training to prepare themselves to survive and protect themselves and their loved ones from the violent world we live in.  

I started PG FIREARMS TRAINING L.L.C. with one goal in mind.  SURVIVAL 


o Colorado Peace Officer Standard & Training Board (P.O.S.T.) Police Officer Certification 

o Colorado Peace Officer Standard & Training Board (P.O.S.T.) Firearms Instructor Certification

o Colorado Peace Officer Standard & Training Board (P.O.S.T.) Carbine Patrol Rifle Instructor Certification

o Colorado Peace Officer Standard & Training Board (P.O.S.T.) FULL Skills Firearms Instructor for Police Academy 

o Colorado Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association Advanced Firearms Instructor Training

o Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Active Shooter Civilian Train- the Trainer Instructor

o Combined Tactical Systems (C.T.S.) Less Lethal Instructor

o 37/40mm Launcher Instructor

o Chemical Munitions Instructor

o Impact Munitions Instructor 

o Aerosol Defense System Instructor

o Flash Bang- Sting ball Grenade Instructor 

o Glock Armorer 

o Simunitions Active Shooter Instructor

o Simunitions approved range training program through Simunitions certification

o Force on Force training instructor

o 6 years of instructor experience at police academy level training police recruits in firearms training and tactics at Red Rocks Law Enforcement Training Academy Lakewood, Colorado as a FULL Skills Colorado P.O.S.T. Academy Instructor

o Lead Less Lethal Instructor for police agency in training patrol officers and specialized units within the police department the deployment of Less Lethal Launcher munitions

o Firearms Instructor for police department. In charge of developing lesson plans for training courses for both pistol and rifle for agency needs. Developed new carbine patrol rifle training program for new officers in agency to be able to qualify with their patrol rifles

o Force on Force training instructor for agency using Simunition Glock 17 T’s


Instructor Will Carnes

Lead Instructor & Owner Paul Grossman

Lead Instructor & Owner Paul Grossman

Will has been in law enforcement since 2005 and has served different roles in the field.  Will has corrections experience and is an active police officer in a large metropolitan police department in the Denver Metro area.  Will is an active Colorado POST Firearms Instructor, CIT Officer, and is certified to be a Field Training Officer.  Will is a great addition to the team and takes pride in offering the best firearms training to all of our students.