Concealed Handgun Permit Training Conceal Handgun Permits Colorado in Denver

What we offer for training

At PG FIREARMS TRAINING, we offer the best Conceal Handgun Permit training available.  Our instructors have taught hundreds of Conceal Handgun Permit courses since 2009.  We offer in-depth state laws explaining to our students thoroughly the laws on the justification of deadly force and when it can be used for personal defense or defense of someone else.  Our instructors have real life extensive experience on the laws of deadly force.  All of our instructors are active police trainers and police instructors at local police academies.  

Our Conceal Handgun Permit training classes allow students to apply for their permits after completion of attending our class.  With the certificate of completion, we give our students, our students can apply for their permits in any county in the state of Colorado.  Our instructors are approved to teach in the state of Colorado.  

As police officers and police instructors, our name in the firearms training industry is well known for professional training we provide to our students with quality training. 

Come train with us to obtain your Conceal Handgun Permit!